row-locking innodb

Having an MyISAM-Table.
When an Update comes in it haves to wait till a privios (already started) SELECT ends.
Having a very time-consuming SELECT (for reporting) “stops” the database.
I think about switching to INNODB (row-level-locking).
Will Updates be performed while the former SELECT is still running?

I’ve just tested it - and yes, I can confirm that when doing time-consuming select on MyISAM table and trying to update this table at the same time, update takes a very long time (for example, 1.6 seconds on my very old test computer).
If I convert the same table into InnoDB and do the same select, and try to update table, updates are done in ~0.01-0.02 seconds on the same computer.
So I believe changing table engine to InnoDB can help you to improve performance.

yes it works great.