do you recommend change MyISAM to InnoDB ?

Com_replace 1714Com_insert 44551Com_delete 417231Com_update 794975Com_select 660554Table_locks_immediate 2177056 Table_locks_waited 1525

do you recommend change MyISAM to InnoDB ?

And if I decide to change storage engine, can I change it by mysqldump, just change from MyISAM to InnoDB in dump? and can I do MyISAM -> InnoDB, InnoDB -> MyISAM convert by mysqldump?

thanks a lot

innodb has many other advantages other than row level locking.

The only disadvantage is that row size increases by 18 bytes, which is very noticable if you have a very large table with very small row size.

easiest way is alter table yourtbl engine=innodb;

But Am I right that if number of select queries <= update,insert queries than Inndb is more preferable?
But I’m still in hesitation, because Table_locks_waited is not big as I expected.