Restoring Incrementals, with full backup stored on remote location

Hello All,
My use case is as follows, I need to store the backups taken to a remote location for which I stream the output of the backup to another host storage location using the xbstream binary. Now when I need to take an incremental backup. I figured out that we will need xtrabackup_checkpoint, Then I just copied the xtrabackup_checkpoints of the previous full backup and was able to run incrementals.

Is this the standard method to do so? Or am I missing something?

I understand that in the docs it is mentioned that we need to point to the previous full backup to take the incremental using the --incremental-basedir flag, But for my use case I need to stream the full backup elsewhere.

Hello @AK_Work,
You are correct in that all you need is the xtrabackup_checkpoints file in order to take incrementals.

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Hey @matthewb
Thanks for the confirmation. The second part of the question now would be can I re-create that file using the logs that xtrabackup generates while taking a backup? Coz in the case of streaming the output of the backup, we’ll not the xtrabackup_checkpoints readily available correct?

Use this parameter, The xtrabackup command-line options - Percona XtraBackup during your backup process to store an extra copy of the checkpoints file locally, which can be used as a further incremental base.

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Thanks @matthewb. This helps