Restore single table from PXC backups


I am currently evaluating PXC operator on our on-premise k8s cluster and have got a couple of clusters provisioned using the pxc-operator-1.7.0 and it works fine so far :slightly_smiling_face: , we are leveraging scheduled backup’s which generates daily backups on our minio target.

We often have the need for restoring a single table from a full backup, I have gone through the documentation and it only speaks about whole cluster restores (with downtime) and I don’t see the single table restore procedure mentioned anywhere :slightly_frowning_face: I would really appreciate if someone could share info on restoring single table from a full backup in pxc operator based clusters.


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Hi @dixo ,

We do not have the possibility of restoring only one table from full backup. But we have added PITR recovery Providing Backups in 1.7.0 and maybe it can be useful for you.

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