Restore PITR backup to different replicaset mongodb


I want to ask about restoring PITR to different replicaset mongodb.

Is it possible to restoring an PITR or logical backup to different replicaset mongodb deployment.
hopefully there was an documentation for this case.
example :

I have 1 running replicaset with updated pitr backup/logical. these backup was stored on S3 storage minio. in other hand i have 1 clean replicaset connected to same s3 storage minio. instead doing mongodump and mongorestore. Can i use pitr backup from old running replicaset and restore it to my new replicaset ?

Thank You

Hi @Alif_Irawan ,

In short, yes. Deploy an agent for the new replset nodes, and set up PBM storage configuration so it has read/write access. And run restore.

If your new replset has a different name, use --replset-remapping flag.

Also, take a look at Moving MongoDB Cluster to a Different Environment with Percona Backup for MongoDB.

Thank you for your response, such a relief knowing is it possible.