Restore of Backups faster

Hi There

How to restore the backups fastly at Percona MySQL …Is there any specific tool…?

backup size is 200GB.

OS : Ubuntu 18 LTS

Hello @ca1990 , the fastest methodology for backups is doing disk-based snapshots. If this is not something you can do, the next fastest is physical backup using a tool like Percona XtraBackup. This is fast to backup and fast to restore.

The slowest method is logical, using mysqldump. This is slowest to backup and slowest to restore.

Your backup is 200GB? What style? Logical? Physical? What tool did you use to take the backup?


I use percona xtrabackup.

If you use xtrabackup to create the backup, then you use xtrabackup to restore the backup. Check out the documentation for how to do this.