Reserve connections to MySQL root

More often than not in recent times I have had to bump off the mysql instance to regain normalcy, because it exhausted the max_connections value allotted to it. In scenarios such as this am unable to check the exact number of the existing connections and also troubleshoot the reason for the same.

My query was to know, if there was any possibility of allotting some connections to the MySQL root user from the max_connections set?

Any help will be appreciated.

Isn’t there none who can assist, refer, suggest, help ( ?

check if you have the SUPER privilege. There is one more connection reserved for such users. See html

I thought root had the SUPER privilege by default!! confused:

I really don’t know, I don’t see you app )

Watch the processlist, look for sleeping connections.
If it’s a web app, issue SET SESSION wait_timeout=30; right after connecting to the DB. This prevents sleeping connections to fill the max_connections limit.
Another thing is max_user_connections - set it lower than the max_connections.