Community Edition max_connections limit?

Does MySQL Server community edition have a connection limit? Even something hidden, or can you specify any amount you like for “max_connections” ? es.html html

Login to your mysql instance and try the following:
show status where variable_name like “%onnection%”;
show variables where variable_name = “max_connections”;

Thanks for the answer!

Sorry I wasn’t clear, I am the sys admin and that isn’t the issue. I remember reading something a while ago that there is a limit to the value you can set for max_connections on community edition. IE, the build comes with a built in limit, so even if I set 2000, it only allows 1500 and ignores the limit or something.

Also, is there any info on how many conns Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 can handle, if it is a dedicated MySQL server? Is it equivalent to *nix? 500-1000?


Ok, I found out there is no limit except what the OS can handle. Basically we ran into one user that was opening about 20-30 connections and slowing down the server greatly. It was just one user with that many connections. The connections were simply sleeping though so I don’t understand how it could have brought the box down to a crawl like that. Unless it had something to do with threading. My boss wanted to to know if the community edition even supported a large number of max_connections though, even though that is not the issue.