Replication Failure - Notification ??

Hello Every one,

I have managed to get replication working on my slave server, But i was wondering if there is any shell script that can mail me if ever the replication on the slave server stops, for no matter what reason !!

Can any one help me with this ?

Thank you

Hello -

I hate to see zero reply messages in a COMMUNITY forum . . . seems kinda cold, doesn’t it?

I do know that there’s a way because the system administrator for the MySQL servers that I manage has created a script to email me whenever innobackupex fails.

So I am sure the same thing could be set up for monitoring replication.

I would suggest performing a Google search for “bash scripting tutorial”.

That’s the scripting language that the sysadmin used to run innobackupex and notify me on failure.

I hope that helps!

I would like to ping back on this thread to the admin’s.

Its been a while and surprisingly there is no response or suggestion !!!

Is there no way we can achieve this ??

Percona Monitoring tools have scripts to check the replication status, for example:


You can just use them and include them in your own script. If the result of the script execution is not zero ($? variable) then send a mail with “mail” command. I don’t know of any script that does everything for your, but you can just use our scripts to build your own.

Thank you so very much once again for your revert.