innobackupex :- corrupting tables

Hello all,

In my continued endeavor of setting up replication using “Xtrabackup” i have learnt that my replication on slave does not start , REASON being tables getting corrupted, that were being backed up using this command :-

innobackupex --user=yourDBuser --password=MaGiCdB1 /path/to/backupdir

Mentioned On this page :-

I learnt about it after i ran the “mysqlcheck” on my slave server.

Can any one tell me, HOW CAN I AVOID such a data corruption during backup creation ?

Please assist ?

Thank you

Which version of MySQL is your master? Which version of MySQL is your slave?

If they are a different version you will need to run the mysql_upgrade utility after the import into the slave.

The slave can always be a newer version than the master, but not the other way around.

That’s about all I can imagine without further details.

Are you capturing the output from the backup into any kind of log file?

Highly appreciate your turn around David,

I have managed to reslove this issue, by upgrading the slave server with “percona mysql server” which i did not have earlier, I was infact using plain mysql that comes with the linux distro …

Since you have replied to my issue above, Can you let me know if it is mandatory to have Percona on both, master and slave servers for replication to happen ?

Thank you for your time.