Replicate User info and permission


I just installed Percona XtraDB Cluster, databases are replicating fine but I don’t see users and permission I create on one server is replicating to another one.

Another thing I noticed MySQL.user table is using MYISAM engine. How can replicate user and permissions to other server in the cluster with or without MYISAM in percona cluster.


in my environment I set myisam replication to ON for this specific purpose. Read up and make sure it works for you.



I read somewhere that " wsrep_replicate_myisam=ON" is experimental and is not recommended to use in production.

Syed, just don’t edit the mysql.user table directly. For managing user rights you should use: GRANT, REVOKE, SET PASSWORD, etc. Such statements are replicated regardless of table engine used for user table.

Thank You.