Remove self signed certificate and replace with our own certs

Hi Team,
I have explored and found that we need to modify /srv/nginx to remove self signed certs and add our own certs using LetsEncrypt or any other source.
It would be helpful if u can answer following qns
1.Which files do i need to replace?
2. Steps to do after replacing files ?
3.Do i need to create certs and keys in docker container or in generate in our local machine and pasting them in container is fine ?


Look for these files inside the docker container, replace them with your certificates, and restart the container.

  • /srv/nginx/certificate.key
  • /srv/nginx/certificate.crt
  • /srv/nginx/ca-certs.pem

You can generate the key and certs anywhere and copy them into the container.

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[PMM-1566] Add LetsEncrypt support to PMM Server - Percona JIRA Also Gone through this while browsing queries.
It would be nice if this feature request can be resolved instead of creating certs on their own