Remove redundant hosts from QAN

We created database hosts for testing, upon which we installed pmm-client so we could monitor the impact of some changes. After this testing was done the hosts were deleted. While the hosts have disappeared from Grafana, they are still showing in QAN, and as one of them is first alphabetically, you are greeted by an error every time you load QAN. Is there anyway to remove this host from QAN?


  1. login to consul interface http://PMM.SERVER.IP/consul/
  2. click “NODES” button,
  3. choose and “Deregister” unwanted node
  4. login to Query Analytics interface http://PMM.SERVER.IP/qan/
  5. choose unwanted node in dropdown menu
  6. copy-paste node ID from the url
  1. make delete query to PMM Server
curl -X "DELETE" 'http://PMM.SERVER.IP/qan-api/instances/46c294490cd4417e685d22196496a777'
  1. Close tab with Query Analytics interface. reload is not working!
  2. open Query Analytics interface without node ID in url - http://PMM.SERVER.IP/qan/

That works perfectly, thank you!

Does pmm v1.1.0 cancel the “Deregister” button?

Hi Albert,

We always update grafana, prometheus, consul, orchestrator services during PMM Server release.

unfortunately, Consul developers removed this button from the web interface :frowning:

Oh,I see. Thanks!