Remove phpadmin tabs

I would like to know how I can remove some of the tabs from phpmyadmin?

I would like to remove these tabs from the client side but not the admin side meaning for example when a client logs into their cpanel and then goes to their phpmyadmin they will not be able to see the “status” tab but I will be able to see it when I log in as admin.

Thanks for any help with this.

I was nto able to find a good way to do it via phpmyadmin settings. So the only possible solution I see - enter directory where phpmyadmin is installed, and grep for links to status page, then edit files where those links are located, and remove them, or add code which will check which user is logged in and shows status link or no depending on username. Also please note that if phpmyadmin is part of cpanel installation, then your changes can be probably overwritten by cpanel upgrade or reconfiguration.