Regional Clusters and Global Cluster


I inherited an environment that has 5 nodes all running 5.5. VA, OR, IRE, PHL x 2. We are preparing for a growth that will happen in the coming months. When this happens I cannot ever take the entire cluster down and am running into issues getting the cluster back when I update.

I would like to have the environment setup that each location VA, OR, IRE, PHL all have 3 nodes (or more as we scale). Then each of those regions would sync on a global scale.

My theory was to setup MYSQL MASTER/MASTER configurations on each of the nodes to a node at a different region but do not know if that is an approrate method or if anyone has a better solution.


What do you mean by “I cannot ever take the entire cluster down”? Do all the locations now form a single PXC Cluster? So you would like to form a set of separate 3-node clusters in each location and replicate between them using asynchronous replication? Any reason for not staying with pure galera replication? Did you try the WAN regions feature in Galera 3+?