regex problem

i have a replication to check ,and i want to filter some tables like table_2014xxxx (for example) not to check consistency. so i use the --ignore-tables-regex=table_2014 option but table with name of table_2014xxxx would still be checked. I’m wondering if I use the option wrong .I want to know the meaning “Ignore tables whose names match the Perl regex”. thanks

i just tested pt-table-checksum with –ignore-tables-regex option and it worked for me as expected. Can you please show me pt-table-checksum version you used ? and exact command you executed. Further, run below query to check if table_2014xxx are included in report.

$ pt-table-checksum --version
SELECT db, tbl, SUM(this_cnt) AS total_rows, COUNT(*) AS chunks FROM percona.checksums WHERE ( master_cnt <> this_cnt OR master_crc <> this_crc OR ISNULL(master_crc) <> ISNULL(this_crc)) GROUP BY db, tbl;