Backup of PXC

Hello percona,

I have 3 nodes cluster and using pxc 5.6

In my cluster I am only using a single node for both read and write.

Before using pxc, i was using standalone Mariadb 5.5 and I was taking backup using xtrabackup.

My question is, how should I take backup of PXC?
Should i take full and incremental backup for the node which is NOT used for read and write without any additional precautions just like i was taking for mariadb 5.5?

For e.g:
xtrabackup --backup --target-dir=/data/backup

Are there any tools that can safely take backups of pxc?

I will be much obliged if anyone can answer this. I have to begin taking backups and so far i have no idea how backup procedure would work in my case.

Check Galera specific option:

And yes, it should not matter from which node you are taking backups as all nodes should be consistent. Of course, best to verify the consistency from time to time using pt-table-checksum.

In order to not impact the whole cluster though, you should make the node desynced before the backup: