Reducing Space of PMM2 (Victoria Metrics)

Hello good people,

Can you advice me how I can reduce the space of PMM2. To be more precise, how can I reduce space of VictoriaMetrics and Click house. I reduced retention period to 20 days but that is not enough. What other ways are there for us to explore?


Hi @tayeen.sslwireless , thank you for posting to the Percona forums!

The main tuning knob for controlling space usage is by adjusting the retention period in the PMM Settings dashboard, which you have already done by setting it to 20 days. Other methods include:

  • Reducing the scrape frequency will collect less data points over your 20 day retention period and consume less disk
  • storing less instances will lead to less metric series and thus less disk usage
  • Disabling features such as PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA will reduce the count of metric series collected for a MySQL instance (obviously with loss of functionality)