Quick Questions on MySQL

I am a newbie and would like to know the answers to following questions.

  1. What is the proper way to backup a database that has a mixture of MyISAM and INNODB tables? What changes in your backup strategy when you have multiple databases containing INNODB types? What changes can be presented in your backup strategy if you have the ability to use replication or clusters?

  2. When using MySQL replication, you find one of your slaves seems to be behind when certain database selects are submitted. What could be causing this? What are possible ways to fix this?

  3. You are alerted of a MySQL slave not processing updates. You login and find the slave with the following status:
    i. Slave_IO_Running: No
    ii. Slave_SQL_Running: Yes
    What is wrong and how do you remedy the situation? Has anything happened to the slave’s database integrity?

  4. Your resync job, that runs every 4 hours on the target database, suddenly errors out, and just after you did a cold backup and deleted the old archived redo logs. Why?

  5. What construct would you use to get an insert done, and if the row exists, do an update?

  6. With respect to indexing, list the various considerations for creating indexes for a 2TB warehoused database (containing subscriber- and subscription-based data). How would your initial approach to creating indexes for a warehoused database vary from an OLTP database?

  7. At what point (# of GB of RAM) do you stop using the /3GB switch? Why?

Any help is welcome

Is this some kind of exam?

it is an open book interview question. Not sure even what MySQL is. I am an all MS SQL guy. I will quote your name along with this wonderful forum. I need to have this done by today.