mysql replication issue (Handling write load on slaves)?


We have 4 servers one are master 3 slaves so we are doing a mysql replication.

Last days we have a problem the slaves can not catch up with updates so we can’t Handle write load on the slaves.

That is the problem and if any one have an ideas what to do?

some of the ideas is to replicate different tables on a separate servers (but that one cost us a redesign of our application)

I hope to get some help on that!

Thank you,

Use 15k disks in a RAID 10 setup on your machines. If you’re using InnoDB, use a battery-backed RAID card and experiment with using innodb_flush_logs_at_trx_commit=2 (which can drastically speed up writes).

That will work temporarily until you can partition your data, which will involve reworking your application.

Flickr is a good source of inspiration: