Question on logical backup

Today, I am running a backup (version 1.8.1) , snapshot says "logical "as below:

But last time few months ago, when i ran the backup (version 1.6.1) it simply doesn’t mention any like (logical).
Both are same? Are there difference between these two.? Is that due to recent versions 1.8.1?

2022-03-04T10:16:04Z 0.00B [running: running / 2022-03-04T10:16:07]

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Hello @aranjith0 ,

thank you for your question.
In version 1.7.0 of Percona Backup for MongoDB we introduced tech preview of physical backups capability.
Thus in pbm-status and pbm-list we are now highlighting the type of the backup. By default it is still logical.

Please let me know if it makes sense.

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