Question on Backup priority

Question on Backup priority.

I have 1 primary, 1 secondary, 1 hidden node. I would like to take backups only on Hidden node. How can i accomplish that.

As per docs, need to set the Backup options in pbm config file like below:
“localhost:28019”: 2.5
“localhost:27018”: 2.5
“localhost:27020”: 2.0
“localhost:27017”: 0.1

For Ex, they mention [ “localhost:28019”: 2.5] My question here is, what does this belongs to ? is it a configsvr or shard?
do we need to specify whether Configsvr host or the shard host along with port.

Also if i didn’t specify the priority in config file. Will the backup only runs in hidden node rather than primary. how do we monitor if the backups started in primary or hidden? please confirm.

-bash-4.2$ pbm version
Version: 1.8.1
Platform: linux/amd64
GitCommit: e3f8f2c535b3a8b69a54a86fc9271d3e6de5ff80
GitBranch: release-1.8.1
BuildTime: 2022-07-04_08:15_UTC
GoVersion: go1.16.9

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Hello, the default priorities are:

  • hidden nodes - 2.0,
  • secondary nodes - 1.0,
  • primary node - 0.5.

so you shouldn’t need to make changes for your use case. The hidden node will be used unless it is not available.
Also the pbm agent log will tell you where the backup is running.

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Today, I am running a backup, snapshot says "logical "as below:

But last time few months ago, when i ran the backup it simply doesn’t mention any like (logical). Are there difference between these two.? Is that due to recent versions?

2022-03-04T10:16:04Z 0.00B [running: running / 2022-03-04T10:16:07]

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