Pbm pitr.oplogOnly backup set the priority


Recently, I tested the pbm tools and found that the priority can be set to control the node running the physical backup, but the priority cannot be set during the pitr.oplogOnly or incremental backup stage, so the node running incremental backup or pitr.oplogOnly may be on the primary node.

For our production environment, we want to minimize the impact on the primary node by specifying hidden nodes for backup.So, is there any plan to support pitr.oplogOnly or incremental backup setting priority?


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Hi @Jinle
Currently, PBM chooses a node in a replset for PITR randomly. Only backup process takes node priority into account (backup.priority config field).
Please track status here: [PBM-940] Add backup priorities support for oplog slicing - Percona JIRA

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Hi @Dmytro_Zghoba
Is there any plan to fix this issue in the next version?
And when will the next version be released?
Looking forward to your reply,Thanks!

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