Query not showing properly in examples tab in qan

Current I am using pmm version 2.36, grafana 9.2.13.

mysql config setting

max_digest_length = 50000
performance_schema.max_digest_length = 50000
performance_schema.max_sql_text_length = 50000

The change was also confirmed in show global status.

However, in the examples tab, only about 3500 bytes of query sentences appear.

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Yes! By default PMM limits itself to 2048 characters of the query. you can tune this using the --max-query-length=NUMBER when you register the client to PMM server with the pmm-admin add mysql... command. This means you’ll first have to unregister this client using pmm-admin remove.... If you add it back using the same nodename it was registered with in the first place it will simply append metrics to the graphs as it has been (history | grep 'pmm-admin add' will hopefully save a few steps trying to figure out how you registered it in the first place.

your options for NUMBER are:
-1: unlimited
0: default (2048)
1-X: whatever number here is where the query truncation will happen

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it was solved thanks