PMM - Query Analitics: does not display the query completely in Example

Hello, please help me solve the problem with displaying the query in Example, everything I found on the forums I tried to do everything, it didn’t help me, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

To display the entire query, I added 3 parameters to MySQL:

and it did not give any result.

pmm-client version 2.35.0
pmm-server version 2.35.0
MySQL Percona version 8.0.25

Please tell me what else can I try to do?

Keep in mind that these changes wont affect already collected data. Your parameter changes will only affect newly captured examples.

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Hey, have you solved the problem?

I have observed the same behavior - no matter how high I set those three parameters, the length of queries in the Example tab is always 2048.


Note that I have rebooted the DB instance to make parameter changes take effect and re-added the DB instance to PMM with max-query-length=-1, and waited for one hour selecting the last 10 min queries.

pmm-client version 2.35.0
pmm-server version 2.35.0
AWS RDS engine 8.0.mysql_aurora.3.02.2

@matthewb is there anything else we could do on the MySQL side?