PXC 8.0 lag at other nodes ...?

Hi there,
There is a 3 node cluster(pcx 8.0),say A,B and C.If 1000 insert statements has been executed at node A.

1.How would i know the lag in other nodes i.e B,C, like lag by Seconds_Behind_Master in replication or log sequence no if any ?
2.Or these 1000 insert statements executed parallel at all the nodes .?
3.how much time does it take to execute at other nodes i.e B,C ?

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You can look at wsrep_local_recv_queue and wsrep_local_send_queue along with comparing wsrep_last_applied and wsrep_last_committed between two nodes. There is no time-based equivalent like S-b-m.

  1. No, the 1000 statements would go through certification and apply in async fashion on nodes B and C. They may be parallelized within each node, but that is at the node level, not the cluster level.

  2. It depends. Is the hardware the same? Config the same? In theory, as fast as possible. Remember that PXC is synchronous replication, async apply.