pt-table-sync, sync-to-master, replication, syncing tables on slave


I have configured RBR and sometimes it is stopping on a low use myisam table. I am pretty sure that nobody is writing on that tabl (I am pretty sure that nobody is writing on any table on slave server, of course, one developer could have a mistake but now this option is discarded).

I am receiving:
Slave SQL: Could not execute Update_rows event on table DB.tbl; Can’t find record in ‘tbl’, Error_code: 1032; handler error HA_ERR_KEY_NOT_FOUND; the event’s master log mysql-bin.729866, end_log_pos 79139511, Error_code: 1032

This table is small so I could sync manually without problems. I know that I should know what is happening but this table is not important and I want to have in sync to continue with replication. Now I have started with SQL_SLAVE_SKIP_COUNTER=1. This is the situation.

Now I want to know how to recover from that error using pt-table-sync without slave running.

I have use the option --sync-to-master and --replication and I only get errors.

pt-table-sync --execute --sync-to-master D=DBt=tbl,u=user,p=pwd localhost --print

Now I get similar errors with slave running that I got with slave not running:
Slave did not catch up to its master after waiting 60 seconds with MASTER_POS_WAIT. Try inceasing the --wait time, or disable this feature by specifying --wait 0. at /usr/bin/pt-table-sync line 5483. while doing Varios.reprogramaciones_tbl

Sounds like there is a lot of replication delay. pt-table-sync will require that replication is running and not delayed too much.

Yes, I executed pt-table-sync 2 hours later the error, so about 14 GB of binlog was generated. I use the option --wait 0 to get the statements to sync the table.

To get sql statements I ignore the error because I have found the table and I can do that on this table because it is small and not very important but if I have a big table (100GB table or so…) How I could manage an error like this ? If pt-table-sync needs to have a slave running it is not so util like I thought… I am thinking on an corruption on a intensive used table, how to recover from an error like happens today ?

I ignore the error because I have found the table and I can do that on this table because it is small ?

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