First of all, Hi!

I’m new in database world, and I started to read books and play with databases.

I created my little lab where I can try different setups and things. I have four machines debootsraped/chroot and this is my current layout:

| Master A | < ---- > | Master B |
| |
| Slave C | | Slave D |

Database is created with one table, replication is working.
Intention of this post it to find out is it possible to do following: I set sql_log_bin=0 and created table called sync on masterA, (to simulate inconsistent state), then I returned variable sql_log_bin to 1. Normally when I try to use pt-table-sync it’s not working (throwing error that table doesn’t exists; which is written on percona site), so I was thinking if I create identical table on slave and try to synchronize that it will work but it doesn’t.

Is there solution to sync it with pt-table-sync, to avoid backing up base on masterB and moving to masterA?

Thank you!