pt-table-sync - connections name and multisource replication

hi, great to be here … i found nothing in the forum, or i am to blind

we are using pt-table-sync in a way like “pt-table-sync --sync-to-master --print|–execute -u…”
now we have an multisource slave and our master-master setup is also using connection names.
show slave ‘vs-db-s01’ status\G; for example is working.

now i would like to use pt-table-sync, but i got “Can’t determine master”
in strace, i saw, that pt-table-sync uses “show slave status” statement, which is not working with connection names.

am i to stupid or did i not understood anything? :slight_smile:

could you please help me, an tell, how to use it?

short setup explanation:

  • master-master replication with one multisource slave
  • only one master is active and written, the second will be used as slave
  • the multisource slave is for backup, and standby
  • all server has the same gtid-domain-id
  • software is mariadb 10.1.26 on debian stretch
  • percona-toolkit is 2.2.20
  • replication setup via “CHANGE MASTER ‘vs-db-s01’ TO MASTER_HOST=…”

thanks for help and kind regards,


Current Toolkit version is 3.0.10. Can you upgrade to the latest version?


hi carlos,
maybe we can try an upgrade, but we love distribution based package management :slight_smile:

what i found, is, that pt-table-sync uses show slave status statement, which is not working in multisource replication.
i found a session variable “default_master_connection”.
Description: In multi-source replication, specifies which connection will be used for commands and variables if you don’t specify a connection.

i got pt-table-sync running, with: “pt-table-sync --set-vars default_master_connection=‘vs-db-s01’ --sync-to-master …”