pt_table_sync cannot resolve conflict

OS: Windows
Framework Used: Strawberry Perl
Interface: Command Line
Statement: (perl pt-table-sync --print --bidirectional --columns=Posted --conflict-column=TStamp --conflict-comparison=newest --verbose --charset utf8 --d=ptktest --t=test --where=warehouse=3 h=server1,u=root,p=pass1,P=3306 h=server2,u=root,p=pass2,P=3306)
where posted is a tinyint(1) column, TStamp a timestamp with default (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) and warehouse an int11.

Keep giving: Cannot resolve conflict WHERE id=‘1’: TStamp values are the same
While TStamp in server1 = “2017-06-10 20:36:14” and posted = 1
TStamp in server2 = “2017-06-10 14:04:36” and posted = 0
Which is a diff. of about 6Hrs.

Can you please tell me where is my error?


Column names are converted to lowercase internally. Try using


and also you can specify the threshold using something like