pt-query-digest display queries in order of time from tcpdump


I am currently debugging an application where there is a two second lag. I used tcpdump to capture the database activities and use pt-query-digest to produce output.
tcpdump -s 65535 -x -nn -q -tttt -i any -c 400000 port 3306 > mysqltcp.txt
pt-query-digest --type tcpdump mysqltcp.txt > tcpdigest.out

The output is useful but I want to display the tcpdigest in the order of time. Currently the data is aggregated. We want to see the play-by-play of the query execution during the two second. Is it possible?



Here is a little details of my probem. The query profile from pt-query-digest indicated the queries ran very quickly. The top query took about total=0.07 seconds with about 2000 calls. and second slowest took about total=0.06 seconds with 600 calls. Both queries occupy about 50% of the entire two second period. The rest of the queries took a little less than 10% of the time. I want to see when each query starts and ends and I want to see whether there is a pause in between calls. That is why I need a play-by-play analysis. Is this something I can gather from pt-query-digest?

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you

Ok. I got it. This produces what I need.
cat mysqltcp.txt | pt-query-digest --type tcpdump --output slowlog