pt-online-schema-change cause mysqld restart

OS:Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago)
MySQL version:5.7.22
Questions:I use pt-online-schema-change to cause the mysqld service to restart when adding an index in a table with 50 million records.

mysqld.err.txt (43 KB)

Someone has encountered this situation or how to solve it.


pt-online-schema-change runs regular queries (in a complex sequence, I know) so it shouldn’t cause MySQL to crash.
From the attached error log I see this:

019-03-28T08:09:24.905320Z 0 [ERROR] Function 'validate_password' already exists
2019-03-28T08:09:24.905374Z 0 [ERROR] Couldn't load plugin named 'validate_password' with soname ''.
2019-03-28T08:09:24.925899Z 0 [ERROR] Function 'validate_password' already exists
2019-03-28T08:09:24.925967Z 0 [Warning] Couldn't load plugin named 'validate_password' with soname ''.
2019-03-28T08:09:24.926381Z 0 [Warning] Plugin validate_password reported: 'Dictionary file not specified'

and more: at the beginning of the error log it says signal 11. That’s a MySQL internal error.

08:07:45 UTC - mysqld got signal 11 ;

I only saw a similar error on MySQL 8 having empty users and roles and that was causing a different program (minimum_permissions) to fail after MySQL crashed with a signal 11.
Could you verify that there are no invalid/empty users in your db?


Do these two have an impact?
Can you post the page of the bug you mentioned,?
Thank you.


I cannot find the error reported to MySQL team, sorry.