Pt-archiver to "Azure Database for MySQL servers" does not work if SSL is enabled

After enabling SSL mode on MySQL Azure PaaS the connection fails with the following error:

DBI connect(‘test_percona;mysql_read_default_file=/root/PERCONA/ssl-ptachiver.conf;host=db********;mysql_read_default_group=client’,‘userbackup@db********’,…) failed: SSL connection error: Client is not configured to use SSL at ./pt-archiver line 2525.

I tried to configure the Azure CA certificate in my.cnf of the client, but I have the same error:


ssl = 1

ssl-mode = REQUIRED




I can’t understand where I’m wrong, Thanks for the help…

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You need to specify the CA, Client Key, and Client Certificate in most cases.
Also, the parameters are ‘ssl_cert’, ‘ssl_key’, and ‘ssl_ca’
Check out this blog post too Percona Toolkit for MySQL with MySQL-SSL Connections