Hi. Please help. I trying to understand where error but my brain is explodes.
In sidecar container “backup-agent” of mongod i see this error -

 check storage connecion: storage check failed with: get S3 object header: Forbidden: Forbidden
	status code: 403,

And i dig in docs and try to set differnet values. What i do wrong?
Secret file

Name:         mongo-backup
Namespace:    mongo-auth
Labels:       <none>
Annotations:  <none>
Type:  Opaque
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID:      19 bytes

And part of storage config

          bucket: ${BUCKET_NAME}
          credentialsSecret: mongo-backup
          endpointUrl: http://minio.minio.svc.cluster.local:9000/
          prefix: mongo/mongo-auth
          region: minio
        type: s3
      - compressionType: gzip
        enabled: true
        name: mongo-daily-backup
        schedule: '*/3 * * * *'
        storageName: minio
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Do the credentials that you have supplied to Operator are sufficient to get S3 objects from the bucket?
Have you tried to connect to minio with these credentials manually?

From Operator side of things all looks okay. We run e2e tests for every PR for Minio and I see it passes.

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Yes, of course. I tryed to login manually. I try to debug minio to check new connection, but one more thing, minio setupped like gcs proxy, maybe this do some changes.

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[403 Forbidden] s3.HeadObject minio.minio:9000/${BUCKET_NAME}/mongo/mongo-auth/.pbm.init

But this file does not exist in the bucket.

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From Operator side your configuration is fine. Unfortunately I can’t help with debugging minio / gcs here.

As for pbm.init - it tries to create it and gets 403.

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