Proxysql2 with native pxc support and maintenance on pxc nodes

Hi I’m trying to upgrade our Proxysql to version 2 with native galera support with our 3 pxc nodes (pxc 5.7.23). With proxysql 1.4 to shutdown a node without dropping existing connection we use SET GLOBAL pxc_maint_mode=MAINTENANCE; and waiting before the shutdown of the server because the monitor script by percona was checking this variable and was doing an offline_soft with the node.
How can we do the same thing with the Native Galera support of proxysql2 ?
Can’t find anything about that. Every test I made with different parameter like with wsrep_reject_queries or wsrep_desync if i check proxysql log,proxysql do an offline_hard of the node.

So is someone here using proxysql 2 and if yes how are you doing maintenance on your pxc nodes when you have to, without an offline hard of the node ?
Thanks for your help