Proxysql and MySQL users auto synchronisation

Hi Guys,

Is there any feature available in proxysql to auto synchronise mysql and proxysql users (I know that this can be done manually using Percona admin tool but looking for an automated approach)? How this is being managed by Percona PXC K8s clusters using an operator?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @nethisandeep ,

this feature is available in proxysql-admin-tool.
See --syncusers flag.
This is how we do it in the Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator.

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Thanks for your response @spronin
Isn’t this command execution manual all the time? or execution of this command is going to launch some daemon in the backend?

Also is it possible to use this tool with standard master-slave setups?

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@nethisandeep it is manual. You can create a cronjob to automate it.

As for master-slave setups - I don’t see any issue here to use it.

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