Proxysql 2.4.8 failure on RHEL 8.6


We are trying to run Proxysql on RHEL 8.6 using generic packages from percona.(proxysql-2.4.8-Linux-x86_64.glibc2.27.tar).
We are getting following error when trying to start: undefined symbol: nettle_secp_224r1, version HOGWEED_4

Thank you!

Hi @Chanakya

Did you try this?


nettle-3.4.1-7.el8.x86_64 is already on the server.

Hi Pep_la,
nettle-3.4.1-7.el8.x86_64 is installed on the server.

Thank you

Hi @Chanakya,

Here is link to a fixed tarball

Thank you So much Vadim.
It works now. Can you please help me understand what was fixed for my knowledge and can we expect this to be pushed in new versions as well ?

Proxysql binary uses library that is provided by tarball and uses system library.
Library versions are incompatible on centos.

The issue is fixed in the next release too.

Hey @Chanakya
Also it is recommended to use rpm/deb packages instead of generic tarball as in case of packages all dependencies will be installed automatically