[postgres_exporter] Support for SCRAM-SHA-256


it seems, the postgres_exporter delivered with pmm2-client (I have v2.10.0) does not support SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication method agains PostgreSQL Databases. Are there plans to have this method included?

pmm-agent[42262]: #033[36mINFO#033[0m[2020-09-21T10:43:42.763+00:00] time=“2020-09-21T10:43:42Z” level=error msg=“Error opening connection to database (postgres://pmm_user:PASSWORD_REMOVED@ pq: unknown authentication response: 10” source=“postgres_exporter.go:1396” #033[36magentID#033[0m=/agent_id/5473e304-8001-4ae7-a440-4ab00df7fb21 #033[36mcomponent#033[0m=agent-process #033[36mtype#033[0m=postgres_exporter

Cheers, Björn

Hi, @bjoernvb

Unfortunately SCRAM-SHA-256 support is spotty in clients connecting to postgres:


  • implementation reference


  • implementation reference

Maybe in the future it will be implemented, but now it is impossible to say when.