Question on pmm2 beta and rds postgresql monitoring

I am using rds PostgreSQL, which is configured to accept SSL connections only. I am running pmm2 beta in a docker container. Does percona pmm2 beta support the monitoring of remote rds PostgreSQL instance?

pmm-admin add postgresql --server-url=‘https://admin:admin@’ --username=pmm_user --password=‘xxxxxx’ --server-insecure-tls --sslmode require

pmm-admin: error: unknown long flag ‘–sslmode’, try --help

The above command was working with pmm version 1.16 onwards. Any inputs /comments?

Hello peru2019, thanks for this input. I will just check with the team if they need you to raise a JIRA (problem report) for this issue. Thanks!

Hi peru2019 .
For the current state of PMM2 we are not supporting SSL mode fully. But we nor actively working on this

@lorraine.pocklington @roma.novikov
Thanks for quick response, much appreciated! roma.novikov do you mean its not planned to fix ? or other way around …