Poor performance of MySQL Query Browser

I have a major performance issue with the MySQL Query Browser with queries returning large result sets (22,000 rows - 1340KB of data) in Australia against a MySQL Server located in Denmark.

The query is very simple (though I have more complex ones that return large result sets as well - I cannot summarise the data further on the server):

select * from booking_import;

When executed from a workstation in Denmark it runs instantaneously, when executed from India it runs in 30 seconds and when executed from Australia it runs in 3000 seconds. This is nothing to do with line capacity - as it is being executed from a large corporate network with 100Mb/sec+ pipes and occurs regardless of time of day (i.e. its not a bandwidth issue).

My suspicion, given that response times are degraded in both Australia and India, is that MySQL is sending one record at a time (i.e. waiting until receipt of the arrival of a record before the next one is sent) and that it is simply latency (I calculate that it’s about 150ms per 64 byte record - a plausible amount of time to transfer a single record half way around the globe).

I am wondering whether there are any configuration items with MySQL or the Query browser that will dramatically improve performance ? I cannot summarise the data - so the large number of records cannot be reduced.

Check if there is an option “unbuffered queries”.