Query tuning - Performance Issue

Hi all,

I am using the following query in my app and it is taking around 5-8 min to execute it,

select inl.GODOWN_NAME,inl.PRODUCT_CODE,count(im.imei_no),inl.MODEL _NO,inl.RDS_PRICE from( select gd.GODOWN_NAME,p.PRODUCT_CODE,p.MODEL_NO,p.RDS_PRICE from GODOWN gd ,product p where gd.RDS_CODE = ‘114954’ )inl left outer join imei im on im.GODOWN_NAME = inl.GODOWN_NAME and im.RDS_CODE = '114954’and im.PRODUCT_CODE = inl.PRODUCT_CODE and AVAILABLE=‘Y’ and CLASSIFICATION = ‘Y’ group by inl.GODOWN_NAME,inl.PRODUCT_CODE order by inl.GODOWN_NAME,inl.PRODUCT_CODE

there are around
5 lakh records in IMEI table
300 records in PRODUCT table
20 records in GODOWN table

IMEI table is refering both GODOWN and PRODUCT table.
I am using MYSQL4.1.

please suggest on tuning this query.

Thanks in advance