PMP future


I’m considering using PMP, I looked at the plugins code and it’s a strong one, compare to other templates I looked at.

My only concern is maintenance as an open-source project:
I know Baron developed this project, and now that he left Percona, I wonder if it is still actively developed/maintained.
I see the latest update (beside one bug fix) was 5 month ago, latest real development was 8 months ago/

Can you please elaborate on your future plans to maintain the project?
(It can be in private message as well).

Thank you very much!
Eyal Yurman.


We have some plans for PMP in the nearest future as we use it actively with some our customers.

The brief plan is:

  • to close existing issues;
  • to build RPM/DEB packages with Cacti templates and Nagios plugins separately.

Thanks for patience,
Roman Vynar
Remote DBA

Also the main brake for active PMP development I think is some stuff not related to MySQL directly which requires more time.