Pmm2-postgresql table not found

Hi Team,

we are monitoring postgresql database by pmm2  and while cheking query analytics of a database query 
we are getting a error message in Table tab
Issue: table not found: sql: no rows in result set 

Postgresql version : 10.5
Pmm-server : 2.9.1
Pmm2-client : 2.9.1

Please help me on this 

At present, QAN does not support Postgres.  Only Mysql and Mongo at this point BUT we are actively working with our peers in the Server group of Percona to enable Postgres support with the upcoming release of pg-stat-monitor which will provide more rich data similar to mysql’s performance schema and enable PMM to ingest the same (or similar) rich, low level query details that we need for QAN to work.  I don’t know the exact release data but we’re probably not more than a month or two away and expect to fully support it in PMM once the tool is released.  Note this will require you to enable pg-stat-monitor as a plugin on every PG server you wish to monitor but once enabled, every DB on that PG instance will have QAN data available!  

*updated to reflect that there is basic postgres support

Woops…may have jumped the gun on my answer. It seems there is basic PG support for QAN…so something else wrong.  I’ll see if i can engage some folks here to put some ideas on what might be the issue (and I’ll get documentation fixed!). I’ll also update the above to keep from spreading misinformation!