pmm2 metrics resolution


I’ve deployed in kubernetes pmm2-server and i’ve got a problem in setting metrics resolution. If i try to change settings from grafana interface i always receive the error “High resolution for metrics is set via METRICS_RESOLUTION_HR (or METRICS_RESOLUTION) environment variable.”

I’ve used env. variable but it is possible to set just the high resolution value.

How can i change these settings ?

thank you.

Hi, our UI updates all metric resolutions together. you can update each resolution separately via API. API specs can be found in {PMM_SERVER_URL}/swagger/index.html. Endpoint to use is /v1/Settings/Change. Only values that you want to update should be included to the body of request.

You also can consider re-creating container without METRICS_RESOLUTION variables and using GUI to change them instead.

As long as you keep data container in tact you will not lose your data.

I will try to deploy without the variable.

Thank you !