Apache and nginx integration using PMM

Hi i am new to PMM, can i montior services like apache, nginx, rabbitmq, redis using PMM, if yes could anybody please share me a doc releated to how to configure this

Hi Athul,

PMM supports collecting metrics from an external exporter on a node.
Here is a link to documentation.

You can find exporters on the official Prometheus page.

Hi Vadim,
I successfully integrared the services like apache_exporter and blackbox etc and added it to PMM, i can see those services in dashbord but when the apache services are down i can’t find any down symbol or anything. It only shows down symbol when the above mentioned exporters are down, I also tried to add different dashbords from graffana releated to apache but it didn’t fetch any data. I can’t even select any host from that dashbord its showing null

Could you please help me here

Hi Athul,

Here is a snippet from exporter Readme file

Q. Its not working! Apache_up shows as 0

A. When apache_up reports 0 it means the exporter is running however it is not able to connect to Apache.

You may check this metric in Explore.

Hi Vadim,

i can’t find that specific metric

Hi Athul,

Please check if apache_exporter is providing any metrics on port 9117.
It’s the default port for apache_exporter.

curl -s http://localhost:9117/metrics

Also make sure that it’s correctly connected to pmm agent.

pmm-admin list