PMM supports Google Cloud SQL (MySQL)?


I just installed PMM server like Install Percona Monitoring and Management step 1.

I enabled performance_schema on a Google Cloud SQL (MySQL 5.7), created the user as described in step 4. (although I had to drop the SUPER grant from the stmt because it seems google managed MySQL doesn’t let you use SUPER).

Then added the instance via the PMM UI and I see it shows queries in the PMM Query Analytics page.

Although the data seems just wrong. I see one-off queries from days ago continuously appear as time goes by and I know for a fact such queries are not really running. I’m not sure if because of the lack of SUPER maybe the PMM agent is unable to reset the performance_schema counters and so it is continuously counting the same things? Although it doesn’t look like data is strictly increasing, it looks somewhat random. So I don’t know what is going on.

I checked the events_statements_history table and I don’t see there the queries PMM is seeing. Is that the table it scrapes? I know VividCortex used events_statements_history_long but that consumer is not enabled by default and nothing in the docs specify it should be enabled. Also… it is empty :P. I’m running out of ideas.

Any ideas? Thank you!


@Alejandro_Martinez the queries should be captured from the events_statements_summary_by_digest table