Missing NEW MySQL Schema in PMM


A new schema that was created on a MySQL does not show up in PMM Query Analytics. The new schema, called data_2024, is used all the time by the clients, so I really expect a lot of queries to show up on it. I’ve set up the agent to monitor perfschema.

Tried So Far

I’ve restarted the pmm agent on the host, but am not in a position to restart the MySQL service unless absolutely necessary. (and I don’t know that it will solve the problem)


  • We’re running PMM Server 2.41.0.
  • I’ve got pmm-admin version is 2.19.0
  • All of this is running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3
  • Kernel 4.4.73-5-default
  • 5.7.24-log MySQL Community Server (GPL)

Expected Result:

I expect to see queries from all schemas on the MySQL host to be listed under query analytics. I also expect all the schemas (including data_2024) to show up in the filter panel on the left of query analytics.

Further, the usernames of clients connected to the MySQL host aren’t listed in the filter panel either.

Actual Result:

“data_2024” is nowhere to be found in the filter panel or any actual queries in the query analyzer. I’ve checked SQL_TEXT in the performance_schema tables and can find queries with "data_2024’, so, I really expect them to show up in PMM query analytics.

Did you configure the PMM agent to collect from slow log or performance_schema? You can use pmm-admin list to verify which collector is running.

Hi @matthewb , thanks for responding. Yes, as I’ve mentioned in the description section, I’ve configured it to monitor perfschema:

Service type        Service name                Address and port        Service ID
MySQL               b-fleetdbhyper-mysql          /service_id/8d357e76-972b-4532-9c28-1898138ee634

Agent type                    Status           Metrics Mode        Agent ID                                              Service ID
pmm_agent                     Connected                            /agent_id/f046ebea-aa76-4c58-98e5-16cbe2e499b8
node_exporter                 Running          push                /agent_id/25e019ea-cb4b-41e2-ad1a-b609af1ebbe6
mysqld_exporter               Running          push                /agent_id/9529d38b-a980-4b3d-8656-2e30b920b224        /service_id/8d357e76-972b-4532-9c28-1898138ee634
mysql_perfschema_agent        Running                              /agent_id/85198c2a-8712-4fd0-926f-f14646395087        /service_id/8d357e76-972b-4532-9c28-1898138ee634
vmagent                       Running          push                /agent_id/db5143bc-501a-4980-b07e-03d4647e9b16

I have restarted our READ-ONLY REPLICA (which also did not show up with data_2024 queries) server. That means mysqld and the pmm agent was restarted.

After the restart, searching for “data_2024” shows queries from that schema, but it still isn’t listed as a schema in the filter panel.

Q: Is it expected behaviour for new schemas not to show up in query analytics until restarts?