PMM server helm chart v.2.25.0: pmm-agent with ID "pmm-server" is not currently connected

Hi all,

I am using the newest helm chart version 2.25.0 in my Openshift environment (v. 4.8.26) and I discovered 2 strange things.

The first strange thing is that the route is getting created with port 8443. If I now want to connect to the PMM server with this port I get an PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR. I could solve this by simply update the port of the route with 443. Do you have an idea why this is the case?

The other thing is that - after changing the port of the route and logging into the PMM server - there were no host metrics of the pmm-server available and if I want to add a new instance to the pmm inventory I get an “pmm-agent with ID “pmm-server” is not currently connected” error. Because of that I connected to the running pod of the PMM server and could see that no user credentials were set in /usr/local/percona/pmm2/config/pmm-agent.yaml. But even after updating these values with the pmm-admin config command, pmm-admin status is showing the following error:

Failed to get PMM Agent status from local pmm-agent: pmm-agent is not connected to PMM Server.

I think there is a bug in the helm chart because I assume that the pmm-agent should be configured automatically to the pmm server right?

Would be really nice if someone could help :slight_smile: Thanks and have a nice day!


Sorry I cannot provide you with an answer to your question, but unfortunately as of today the helm chart you are referring to is not part of our Product offering.

It is true however that we do use it internally for our testing purposes, but we are not able to provide support for the tools which we have not publicly released.


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