PMM QAN: Load vs Query Count

Hello All,

The Load as I see is, Average Active Sessions per second. The Query Count also shows Query Per Second. How are they different? I am certainly missing something. Maybe the “Load” is Average Active Sessions, when this query was running, but not all of them were necessarily running this query?

For example, this query over 15 mins:

Query                                                    Load                    Query Count
SELECT `detail` . `id` AS `id` , `detail` ...            0.95 (ps)                0.02 QPS

Thank you!

Hello Venkat,

Thank you for your question!

The Query Count is a sum of queries (number of queries) executed in a selected time period divided by the number of seconds in this time period - so it means the average number of queries per second.

The Load is a sum of the duration of execution of queries (how long queries run) divided by the number of seconds in the selected time period - we can understand it as how busy the database was by executing queries in the selected time range (please note: that a DB can executed queries in parallel - hance load can be bigger than 1).


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Thank you @andril.skomorokov! That explained really well!