PMM monitor/alert cluster health

I have installed PMM and added hosts/databases. I have an xtradb-cluster I would like to monitor to determine if the nodes in the cluster are in sync but am not sure what metric to use or if it is even available. At the basic level I guess using 'show status like ‘wsrep_cluster_status%’ <> ‘Primary’ would work for each node. This feels clumsy, is there a better way to handle this?

Hi Mike,

We are using metric mysql_global_status_wsrep_local_state in dashboards for getting node statuses.
So it would be mysql_global_status_wsrep_local_state < 4

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I want to create an alert that fires/emails when this happens. ( mysql_global_status_wsrep_local_state < 4) I am struggling to understand how to accomplish this. Thanks.

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